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Scrooge Cigar Bundles

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Original price was: $125.00.Current price is: $49.99.

All variations ship in sealed bundles of 20 cigars

Well, look who we have here, Mr. Bargain-Basement-Expectations! You want Privada quality from top-notch manufacturers at discount-bin prices? Oh, the audacity! Let me take a wild guess – you’re the second cousin twice-removed of an actual paying Privada Cigar Club member, aren’t you? Did you really just dive into the family gene pool, pop out, and decide to embarrass your lineage this way?

I mean, come on! Do you even comprehend the Herculean effort that goes into crafting these magnificent stogies? It’s a 3-year odyssey, traversed by hundreds of skilled hands, to take these masterpieces from seed to smoke. And here you are, trying to pull a Houdini, magically making all their hard-earned greenbacks vanish.

Well, Mr. Penny-Pinching, let’s roll out the red carpet for you. Let’s showcase just how special our manufacturing relationships are. And just because we’re all about making dreams come true, and also because we desperately need to clear out some space for new stock, here’s a deal so sweet even old Ebenezer Scrooge would drop his miserly ways and give a nod of approval. Voila!


You want a description? You’re cheap, there’s your description.
All long filler, same factories, same blends. Just 1/3 of the price.

3 reviews for Scrooge Cigar Bundles

  1. Ethan Goodwin (verified owner)

    Really solid Maduro, I’d like to try the Connecticut

  2. Augustas Gesevicius (verified owner)

    Love these 5 out 5 !

  3. Mitch Fadem (verified owner)

    Here is a link to a full review of the Maduro on
    The review is written by Dr. Mitch Fadem, Co-founder of with Gary Manelski and former internet cigar journalist with the New York Times. Gary and Dr. Mitch started the Cigars for Troops program in 2007 when Fadem, LtCol, USAF was deployed to Afghanistan. Fadem was deployed again in 2010 and with the help of SSGT Geoffy Pieper, Royal Dutch Army ( were able to supply NATO troops with over free 20,000 cigars in 2010.

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