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Farm Rolled Grab Bags

(20 customer reviews)


Available both as a one-time purchase and an add-on to existing subscriptions.

Grab bags to get you a random assortment of some farm classics from months past including some from the AJ Farm and Espinosa Takeover.


If you want this added to your current subscription, log in and click the add to subscription button.  IT WILL NOT CHARGE YOU.  If it tries to charge you, please stop and email us and we will be able to add it to your sub.

If you would prefer, you can send us an email to add it for you.  If you place an order, we will not be able to fix it until  the next cycle and it will ship out separately.

20 reviews for Farm Rolled Grab Bags

  1. Brian Stecker (verified owner)

    I have received farm rolled for two months now. The 4 1/2*50 Maduro was amazing in this months shipment. I really enjoy Padron 1964 and 1926. This particular farm rolled was just as good and on point with the Padron.

  2. Michael Martello (verified owner)

    Farm rolled has been a revelation. No bands or marketing flash. No hyped names or exclusivity. Back to basics— you and the cigar. Best part? It’s for everyone. With the addition of this month’s AJ Fernandez take over, its really taken on a life of its own. You can’t beat the quality or the price point. Join and enjoy.

  3. Hugh Hall (verified owner)

    loved the AJ 7 1/2×54 box press and the AJ connecticut 5 1/2×46
    Great cigars

  4. Carlos Zapata (verified owner)

    Broadleaf Churchill is an amazing smoke……In my opinion, the cigar smokes like a 15-20 dollar cigar…

  5. Robert Garcia (verified owner)

    the four Farm Rolls by AJ Fernandez are all gems, But the 7×52 Broadleaf Churchill is the best. I will definitely order more.

  6. carnell hayes (verified owner)

    By far, the 7.5×54 Box Press is magnificent, I have cherish 2 of them, and ordered 4 more packs just to get it. I have enjoyed my Privada/ Farm Rolled family experience, each and every stick, beautiful like a summer love, and yet saddening because it is so soon gone, likely never to be found again.
    -CVH #weareprivada

  7. SHANE STEPHENS (verified owner)

    THE best Bang your buck… these sticks never disappoint, great variety of sticks, not just one sort of stick…

  8. Francisco Gonzalez (verified owner)

    You knocked out of the park with the AJ package. I just ordered a 20 bundle to increase the chance of getting more of the AJ ones 😉

  9. Paul Hogue (verified owner)

    I just got my bag, and I think it may be the best deal on cigars anywhere.

  10. audrius gricius (verified owner)

    Wow! Just incredible! Farm Rolled Grab Bags probably best cigar bundle ever. Different sizes and shapes, maduro, habano, connecticut. Thanks Brian

  11. kingjamescol11 (verified owner)

    I can not talk enough about the grab bag. Each stick is a surprise that adds to one’s smoking experience. I want a good experience, I don’t care what brand produced the stick. So I grab one out of the bag.

  12. Laver Bellow (verified owner)

    Just received my first grab bag and they are lovely.. Thanks Brian and Privada crew!

  13. Cole Jackson (verified owner)

    Great variety love the surprise of what you get in the bag.

  14. Virgil Tudor (verified owner)

    Honestly, the best deal on the site. The cigars are great and the surprise element is a nice touch.

  15. Robert Garcia (verified owner)

    best way to expand your cigar smoking journey, the farm roll sampler will not disappoint. every cigar is grade A.

  16. Augustas Gesevicius (verified owner)

    So not long ago i got 5 x 20 of these grab bags … Ended up smoking it all in around months time. Briliant stuff!

  17. James Hamrick (verified owner)

    Loved most of them and enjoy the others enough to subscribe to his monthly farm rolled program. Absolute bangers and some are definitely borderline sexual! Thanks for everything you guys do, the value is incredible and the quality is beyond on point.

  18. chad.martin81 (verified owner)

    Farm rolled grab bags are like a present on Christmas morning! You don’t know what exactly you’re getting but you know it’s gonna be good!!

  19. Daniel Stahl (verified owner)

    Received my first shipment of farm rolled cigars,was pleasently surprised about the quality and variety of great flavor profiles

  20. Daniel Stahl (verified owner)

    Received my first shipment of farm rolled cigars,was pleasently surprised about the quality and variety of great flavor profiles

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