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Privada Spirits: Rum

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Privada Spirits. We created the idea for Privada Spirits well over 2 years ago. We realized very early on that people love cigars and spirits but they rarely did it right or understood how to pair the two together at all. So we came up with a fool proof plan for knowing what spirit goes with what cigar. Even if you do not drink alcoholic beverages, these cigars are all fantastic on their own. To create the cigars we submitted our idea for Privada Spirits to 6 different factories. In the end, Tabacalera Perla, the same manufacturer that makes our beloved Paul Stulac, outperformed all. These cigars are all natural and use natural fermentation and blending to achieve the clear flavor notes that are hard to achieve. Each one is as good as the next and each cigar on its own, released by a boutique brand, would be touted as a must try stick. How we came up with all 5 of these in one line of cigars is beyond me and a testament to the power of the Privada movement. #wearefamily #wearetheindustry #weareprivada

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Body: Chocolate covered cherry, prune.
Foot: Rum Raisin.
Cold Draw: Yellow raisins, rum, dark chocolate, cherry.

Tasting Notes: In the first third I get Clove, nutmeg, Cocoa, Dark Cherry, Yellow Raisin, white pepper, cream, molasses, and aged rum cask wood. True to the notes on the band and bag, tropical fruits are in full effect along with chocolate and caramel. WOW. This is also what I like to call a juicy cigar. It’s most like a baked good. You may need to make double puffs to get big smoke production. I really enjoy these juicy maduro cigars at times.

In the second third I get more tropical fruits, chocolate and caramel. The smoke is creamy and dreamy and the fruits add to that juicy thing. There is the rum cask wood which would be oak but different because of the alcohol stored in it. The retro is white pepper and dried tropical fruits like mango, coconut, banana and pineapple. Cocoa all throughout.

In the final third the caramel takes the lead with tropical dried fruits behind it and a list of other flavors like chocolate, wood, white pepper and baking spices. If I were to make a fall weather cigar, this may be it. The smoke is some of the creamiest I have ever had and the retro is very pleasant while very satisfying. Such full and fruity flavors are not easy to find.

Pairing Notes: Aged dark rum. Chocolate covered raisins. Yellow raisins. Dark Chocolate. Pina colada. Rum raisin cake. Coke. Rum and Coke.

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