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Plasencia Alma Del Campo

SKU : 10-C1


Tribu- 5×52
Travesia- BP 6 1/2×54
Strength: 3/5

Plasencia Alma del Campo, a complex smoke with a perfect balance delivering notes of coffee and nuts. A very creamy cigar with a touch of spice. The finish leaves a lasting impression on the palate. This is a medium to full-bodied cigar. Nicaraguan fillers are covered in a milk chocolate Nicaraguan wrapper that deliver flavors and aromas of dark cocoa, earth, leather, cedar, and dark fruit.


The Plasencia Alma del Campo cigar represents a harmonious blend that showcases the exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to quality synonymous with the Plasencia family. Meticulously curated and expertly crafted, Alma del Campo invites enthusiasts on a journey into the heart of premium tobacco, where flavor and sophistication converge.

At the core of the Alma del Campo cigar is a masterfully blended selection of Nicaraguan fillers, chosen for their complexity and rich flavors. The binder, a crucial component, ensures structural integrity and enhances the overall balance of the smoking experience. The cigar is enveloped in a luscious Nicaraguan wrapper, known for its velvety texture and aromatic qualities.

Upon ignition, aficionados are embraced by a symphony of flavors that define the Alma del Campo experience. Expect notes of cocoa, cedar, and a subtle spice that evolves gracefully with each well-crafted puff. The Nicaraguan wrapper contributes to the cigar’s overall richness, providing a velvety texture and a satisfying depth of character.

Crafted with precision, the construction of the Plasencia Alma del Campo cigar is exemplary. The wrapper is seamlessly applied, ensuring an even burn and a draw that is both smooth and consistent. The band, featuring the distinctive Plasencia logo and elegant design, adds a touch of sophistication, symbolizing the premium quality enclosed within.

Released to acclaim, Alma del Campo invites enthusiasts to indulge in a smoking experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or someone seeking a premium cigar that encapsulates the expertise and tradition of the Plasencia family, this blend promises a memorable journey into the world of meticulously blended and beautifully presented cigars. With every puff, savor the excellence and craftsmanship that make Plasencia Alma del Campo a distinguished choice in the realm of premium tobacco.

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