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Maduro Cookie (Kōokē)


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Box-Pressed Robusto- 5×54

Ask most cigar smokers on social media what the most popular cigar release of the last 5 years was and there is a good chance they will mention the Cookie. Originally a Lancero that got its notoriety from nostalgia, the cigar was very limited and did not last long. There have been many renditions of the Cookie since but none quite quenched the thirst of the mad collectors who sought them out. I get asked for cookies daily. So I wanted to take my time to find the right situation. These cigars are all better than any of the OG releases. We have something for everyone as you can see with the Golden, or the Connecticut being my personal favorite. Enjoy every morsel of flavor and love we put into the homemade packaging and sweet surprises.  Comes in a 5 pack.

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1 review for Maduro Cookie (Kōokē)

  1. Adam Santoro (verified owner)

    Wow! I’m thoroughly impressed with this maduro version. With a box press, you could have fooled me into believing that these are darker wrapped Padrons. Well done! Great flavors, great draw, wonderful construction, a 10/10 for me. As soon as these are back in stock I plan to buy more.

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