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“Mujeres y Humos” by Mujeres y Humos SOTL of Puerto Rico

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Mujeres y Humos

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Mujeres y Humos SOTL of Puerto Rico was founded in August 10, 2020 by Cynthia L González (Founder of Puerto Rico Cigar Festival) with the purpose of unifying Sisters of the Leaf in Puerto Rico while providing a space and environment where women can smoke cigars together free from stereotypes. To celebrate our history and culture of tobacco in Puerto Rico thru education and Cigar pairing experience events.

MYH is part of the SOTL Global Movement, founded by Anastasia Psomiadi from Greece and together united under one voice, we share the same vision and inspiration which will empower women into starting a new era for all SOTLs and BOTLs around the world.

We are honored to be given the opportunity to have a cigar that will serve as a symbol of what Mujeres y Humos stands for and where better than with our Brothers and Sisters of Privada Cigar Club who represents the craft movement a new era to do this differently and for all of us to have our voices hear equally.

We welcome you to enjoy this beautiful crafted cigar by our Brothers from Blackbird. I had the pleasure to meet Jonas Santana during TPE 2022. Who would have thought that after the several cigars I had smoked in the past from their line since the 1st one I tried in year 2020, it would be the 1st Cigar to carry the Mujeres y Humos band. I’m thrilled and could not have been any happier.




Tasting Notes:

Enjoy a medium to full bodied cigar with a evenly slow burn and smooth draw which allows its strength and complex flavors shine through with notes of spice, espresso, grain, dry fruit subtle hints of chocolate, cream, and tobacco sweetness.

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