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The Raymond presented by The Herf Locker

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The Herf Locker

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51/4×42 Connecticut

The Herf Locker Presents: The Proper Gentlemen “The Raymond”

Raymond H. Badger

The left hand of Cesar, Cesar always jokes with friends that he is right handed but his southpaw is vicious. His friends never get that joke, but his enemies understand all too well.

Raymond grew up in the ghettos of Western NY, spending a brief few years in the Southeast. Raymond is soft spoken, dresses with class, and goes out of his way to enjoy the finer things as a reminder to himself of his success.

People always told Raymond he would be a product of his environment, he always whispered back “I guess we’ll find out”. Raymond linked up with Cesar one summer, they bonded over their mutual enjoyment of cigars and general thuggery. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tasting notes are as follows:

Cold draw: Raisin, Hay, and Vanilla.

Smoking experience: Smooth creamy smoke, excellent draw and literally perfect construction.

Good amount of smoke off the foot, but not too intense.

Taste: Sweet cream, vanilla, dried fruit and all spice to start, working into the 2nd third it becomes very spicy, hit hints of chipotle peppers and Tabasco as well as olive oil and cumin. The final third continues the experience of pepper forward, buts it slightly toned down and blends well with some of the renewed sweeter flavors.

The experience can be likened to enjoying a sweet and spicy margarita or crème drink with dried jalapeño flakes on the rim.

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