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Southern Draw Quickdraw Pennsylvania Broadleaf

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(2 customer reviews)


Corona Gorda- 5×46

Wrapper: US-grown Pennsylvania Broadleaf

“However, there are times when we’d like to sit down for a cigar and just don’t have two hours to do so… a complex little cigar with a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper, the QuickDraw is the perfect cigar for the full bodied enthusiast looking for a quick cigar that does not sacrifice quality of flavor.” -Toasted Foot 2015

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Southern Draw

2 reviews for Southern Draw Quickdraw Pennsylvania Broadleaf

  1. Douglas Haddan (verified owner)

    Virtually un-smokable. Never had a cigar with this bad of a draw. Light, puff puff puff, poke, relight, puff poke etc. It goes on like this. Not a good experience with 2 of these that I had higher hopes for.

  2. Douglas Haddan (verified owner)

    Got replacements on these. This time great draw and wonderful rich dark flavor. A savory note in background of this really great stick.

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