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Pio Resurrection Box Pressed Limited Edition

(3 customer reviews)


Robusto- 5×50
Toro- 6×52
Torpedo- 6×52
Grande- 6×60
Churchill- 6 1/2×48

Wrapper: San Andres Maduro
Binder: Undisclosed
Filler: Dominican Republic

Rated an 88 on Cigar Public:

Pio Resurrection Box Pressed Limited Edition

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PIO Resurrection

3 reviews for Pio Resurrection Box Pressed Limited Edition

  1. Hugh Hall (verified owner)

    Really good stick
    Must try👍

  2. Courtlund Kellogg (verified owner)

    A really good med cigar with nice Cocoa flavors a smooth creamy retro makes for a great Herf.

  3. William Payment (verified owner)

    Pio resurrection box pressed limited edition Churchill

    Before lighting it up the look of the box press is very very good the wrapper has so much tooth to it it’s the most tooth and dots and almost like sandpaper more than I’ve ever seen before ever but for me that’s a good sign. Using a punch the top cap came off but the second cap is staying on perfectly. The draw, burn and construction are all perfect on the cigar no issue. The ash is tight pressed, very white and keeps the tooth or dimples of the cigar still. It puts a ton of creamy thick white smoke not chewy but very thick.full bodied smoke medium to full in flavour
    first third flavours: rich earth and gentle spice to start it then increases in strength and you see a citrus refreshing taste in your mouth which I’d attribute to mineral flavour. Cream, aged cedar, red pepper, sweet leather, black pepper on the lips.wheat, toast, espresso, bitter dark chocolate. 55 minutes in and 1 inch down

    Starting the second third soon and the flavours are sure strong and gritty and strong. Black pepper, earth, spices,leather, espresso. I can taste really burnt brownies but the earth and gritty pepper overpower it. This would be good to sip on with a cream soda or iced tea or iced coffee. 1 hour and 30 minutes in and about 2/3rds into the second third. I’m getting more of the cocoa, nutmeg and dried fruits now.there’s a chalkiness from the wrapper that’s coming in and providing a sweetness as well for a break from pepper.
    Final third: two hours in and the chalkiness is more apparent. Bitter cocoa, strong sharp cedar finished at 2 hours 30 minutes Would I buy it again I don’t know it was to much spice and grit for me maybe if I try a different size like the 6 by 60

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