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Mombacho Cosecha 2015



The Spanish word “Cosecha” translates to “harvest” or “Yield” in English. The chosen name reflects the genuine nature of this line, which features the finest Nicaraguan tobaccos from a single harvest year. In this first release of a limited edition Mombacho Cigar, evoking the concept of “Vintages” from the wine world, Claudio Sgroi, the Master Blender started with the 2012 Vintage and every year a Cosecha will be released only if the tobaccos from that harvest are of the highest quality.

Offering equally mellow and bold flavors and aroma, the Cosecha is a cigar lover’s dream. Perfect for connoisseurs or people trying a cigar for the first time. The Cosecha 2015 is the fourth installment in our limited edition line of true vintage Nicaraguan puros. Each iteration of Cosecha features 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos from a single year’s crop. The result is a true vintage Nicaraguan cigar and a true Nicaraguan experience.

Only 430 of these limited numbered boxes were produced.

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