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Maya Selva Año Del Conejo 2023 Edicíon Limitada

SKU : 15-C3


Corona- 5 1/2×48

Since 2018, Maya Selva Cigars has released limited editions that celebrate Chinese New Year.  These special blends are a tribute to the hand-crafted cigar tradition.  The line’s design combines traditional Chinese patterns with Mayan hieroglyphics.  The fauna of the ancient Maya, similar to the Chinese, have proven to play a significant part of their spiritual beliefs, symbolism, and iconography.  The Mayas believe we are all born with a “NAHAUL” or animal spirit that guides through life.

The tobacco in the corona-sized cigars is handpicked in the renowned valley of Jamastrán in Honduras.

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Flor de Selva Año Del Conejo 2023 Edicíon Limitada by Maya Selva

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Flor De Selva


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