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Macanudo Vintage 2010

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Torpedo- 6×52

The 2010 growing season saw the highest temperatures in 25 years in the Connecticut River Valley, with high humidity and optimal rainfall that yielded an exceptionally silky shade-grown wrapper tobacco. Cured and aged for an entire decade to bring forth an array of pleasing flavors, this singular tobacco makes its debut in Macanudo Vintage 2010. Light one up and enjoy notes of creamy cedar and vanilla.


The Macanudo Vintage 2010 cigar is a refined masterpiece, representing the epitome of Macanudo’s commitment to excellence and the art of creating premium cigars. Meticulously blended and expertly crafted, this cigar invites enthusiasts on a sophisticated journey into the world of aged tobaccos and luxurious flavors.

At the heart of the Vintage 2010 cigar is a carefully selected blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers, chosen for their exceptional quality and nuanced characteristics that come with the aging process. The binder, a crucial element, ensures structural integrity and enhances the overall balance of the blend. The cigar is adorned with a flawless Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper, known for its smooth texture and golden hue.

Upon ignition, aficionados are greeted with a refined symphony of flavors that define the Vintage 2010 experience. Expect notes of cream, cedar, and a subtle nuttiness that evolve gracefully with each well-crafted puff. The Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper adds a layer of sophistication, providing a velvety texture and a satisfying depth to the overall smoking journey.

Crafted with precision, the construction of the Macanudo Vintage 2010 cigar is exemplary. The wrapper is seamlessly applied, ensuring an even burn and a draw that is both smooth and consistent. The band, featuring the distinctive Macanudo logo and an elegant design, adds a touch of class, symbolizing the premium quality enclosed within.

Released to acclaim, the Vintage 2010 cigar invites enthusiasts to indulge in a smoking experience that transcends time. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or someone seeking a premium cigar that exemplifies the artistry and dedication of Macanudo, this blend promises a memorable journey into the world of meticulously blended and beautifully presented cigars. With every puff, savor the excellence and sophistication that make the Macanudo Vintage 2010 a distinguished choice in the realm of premium tobacco.

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