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Macanudo Inspirado White

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Toro- 6×50

Beautiful and mellow, yet complex and flavorful. Creamy, with hints of spice. This award-winning blend results from over 50 years of excellence driving evolution in all of the best ways. Adorned with a golden Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper aged for six years, Inspirado White offers approachability without sacrificing excitement in a consistent blend that never fails to impress.

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1 review for Macanudo Inspirado White

  1. Andrew Reynolds (verified owner)

    The first third starts out with a very salty taste, I get a salted popcorn on my taste buds. The retro is full of black pepper spice.
    10 minutes in and I’m picking up a cedar note with a hint of citrus through the finish

    The 2nd third sees the smoke get smoother. I’m getting a cream coffee note, the spice has gone and I’m left with a slight cedar.

    The final third leaves a salty taste on my lips. The flavours have become oaky and earthy.

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