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Lords of England Maduro

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Robusto- 5×50
Churchill- 7×50

Resurrected from the old Cuban brand first debuted at the turn of the 20th century, Lords of England by Pure Aroma Cigars has brought back the passion of the original brand. This brand is now made in Nicaragua by Tabacalera Perdomo.  This smoke contains notes of earth, dry red wine, black pepper, and molasses.


Lords Of England

1 review for Lords of England Maduro

  1. Andrew Reynolds (verified owner)

    The 1st third starts out with a woody oak note through the draw. The finish is a rich dark chocolate.
    After 10 minutes, the chocolate has transitioned into a coffee, I’m only able to pick up those flavours through the retro.
    The 1st third comes to a close with a sweetened nut flavour.

    The 2nd third is very sweet, I’m getting lots of coffee and a cream note has kicked in. The chocolate has returned on the finish.

    The final third sees the strength creeping up on me. I’m still getting coffee and chocolate notes.

    For the price this is an incredible smoke. Long burn time, great flavours.

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