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Henderson’s Very Own Blend 5 Pack

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(7 customer reviews)

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This is the cigar Henderson smokes in the YouTube video


It is a mostly Corojo blend with a Habano wrapper in a 5×50 vitola. IT is the perfect daytime, summertime smoke.

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This is the Blend Henderson rolls for himself.

7 reviews for Henderson’s Very Own Blend 5 Pack

  1. Bil Jeschke (verified owner)

    I smoked one last night while drinking a summer shandy beer, and it was a delight. Mild to medium flavors, some hay and grassy notes on the retrohale. There was this creaminess to me that persisted throughout the smoke that I really enjoyed.

  2. Jorge Escobar (verified owner)

    Medium – Creamy, light baking spices through out especially on the last 3rd. However super smooth retro the same flavors.This the one for friends that don’t really smoke and want to try.
    Paired with: Coffee light cream, roasted coco water. FAE-01 2021, Belle Meade cask strength, Pikesville Rye. Perfect summer morning evening time, camp firefire pit smoke. I will definitely stock up.

  3. william godwin (verified owner)

    What a pleasant smoke! I could smoke these every day and be happy.

  4. John Lavender (verified owner)

    Full flavor with mild to medium strength. Smooth creamy smoke with white pepper that lingers on the palate. Great choice for an everyday smoke.

  5. Jeff Hicks (verified owner)

    A great morning smoke that paired nicely with a medium roast coffee. At the current price point, what a deal, solid daily smoke. #weareprivada

  6. William Payment (verified owner)

    For seven dollars a cigar I would easily pay 10! This cigar is full flavour medium to full strength actually it gave me some nicotine which was surprising and a little tough to handle. Incredible flavours just tons of floral on the retro hail in mouth it just really hit me with florals as well as a very unique bitter pecan nuttiness and a very creamy butter this is something I’d be picking up multiple packs of

  7. Bil Jeschke (verified owner)

    Just finished one, and these are a good winter smoke with a short burn time, which is usually a disappointment, but when it is under 30 degrees you can appreciate the flavor then get back inside.

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