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Leon Searcy All Pro Series

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The ALL PRO SERIES Leon Searcy Cigar was exclusively blended and crafted for one of the greatest offensive tackles of all time! This 8 1/4 inch by 58 ring-gauge stick delivers an impressive profile of flavors and packs a great punch just like Leon did throughout his career – from the University of Miami Hurricanes, to the Pittsburgh Steelers, to the Jacksonville Jaguars. ALL PRO STYLE!


The Leon Searcy All Pro Series cigar pays homage to the legendary career of NFL veteran Leon Searcy, translating the dedication, skill, and passion of the gridiron into the world of premium cigars. This limited edition series is a collaboration between Searcy and master blender Omar González-Alemán, resulting in a cigar that embodies the essence of an “All Pro” experience.

At the core of the All Pro Series lies a meticulously chosen blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers, aged to perfection to ensure a harmonious flavor profile. The binder, a crucial component, adds complexity and structure to the blend. The cigar is adorned with a captivating Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, known for its silky texture and rich flavor.

Upon lighting, enthusiasts are treated to a symphony of flavors that mirror the dedication and intensity of the football field. Expect notes of cedar, leather, and a subtle spiciness that evolve gracefully throughout the smoking experience. The Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper imparts a refined touch, adding an extra layer of complexity to the blend.

The construction of the Leon Searcy All Pro Series cigar is a testament to the collaboration’s commitment to quality. The wrapper is seamlessly applied, ensuring an even burn and a draw that is both effortless and consistent. The band, featuring the signature of Leon Searcy and the All Pro Series logo, adds a touch of sports-inspired elegance, symbolizing the blend’s connection to the gridiron.

Released in limited quantities, the All Pro Series invites enthusiasts to partake in a distinctive cigar experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether you are a football aficionado, a cigar connoisseur, or someone seeking a unique and flavorful smoke, the Leon Searcy All Pro Series promises an exceptional journey that captures the spirit of an All Pro both on and off the field. Celebrate the legacy of Leon Searcy with each puff, as this cigar takes you on a remarkable adventure inspired by the passion and precision of a true football All Pro.


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