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La Palina Goldie

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Churchill- 7×48
Laguitos No. 6- 6 1/2×56
Laguitos No. 1- 7×38
Laguitos No. 2- 6×38
Laguitos No. 5- 5 5/8×54
Prominente- 6 1/2×48

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Ecuadorian
Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan

Handmade in El Titan de Bronze, the famed Florida cigar factory, Goldie is one immaculate creature. Gracefully adorned with a fan-tailed cap, and seamlessly dressed in a silky-smooth Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Goldie screams elegance. The La Palina Goldie cigar produces notes of pepper, honey, and banana along with a great aromatic flavor that completes this smoke.


The La Palina Goldie cigar is a pinnacle of cigar craftsmanship, a limited edition masterpiece that embodies the highest standards of quality and artistry. Born from the vision of Bill Paley, the Goldie series is a tribute to his grandmother, Goldie Drell Paley, who played a significant role in the founding of La Palina. Each release is a celebration of heritage, tradition, and the pursuit of excellence.

At the heart of the Goldie cigar is a meticulously selected blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers, chosen for their exceptional flavor profiles and aging potential. The binder, a crucial element in the blend, contributes to the cigar’s structural integrity and balance. What sets the Goldie series apart is its exquisite wrapper—a silky Ecuadorian Habano leaf that showcases the skill of La Palina’s master blenders.

Upon lighting, enthusiasts are transported into a world of refined flavors. Anticipate notes of cedar, leather, and a subtle spiciness that dance on the palate with each puff. The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper adds an extra layer of complexity, offering a velvety texture and contributing to the cigar’s overall richness.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the construction of the La Palina Goldie cigar is nothing short of exemplary. The wrapper is seamlessly applied, ensuring an even burn and a draw that is both smooth and consistent. The band, adorned with the Goldie insignia, symbolizes the series’ commitment to heritage and legacy, making each release a highly sought-after collector’s item.

Released annually in limited quantities, the Goldie cigar invites enthusiasts to partake in a cigar experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or someone seeking a premium cigar that reflects the artistry and dedication of La Palina, the Goldie promises a memorable journey into the world of meticulously blended and elegantly presented cigars. With every puff, savor the excellence and tradition that make the La Palina Goldie a rare and cherished gem in the realm of premium tobacco.

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La Palina

1 review for La Palina Goldie

  1. Doug Goodlin (verified owner)

    Great cigar! Razor sharp burn and beautiful draw!!! Smooth with great wood, hay, some sweet and small but nice transitions. Not super strong but a nice medium bodied cigar the ash is beautiful ???

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