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Glitch Oscuro By Blackbird

SKU : 16-F1.


Toro- 6×52

This new blend from Blackbird Cigar Co. was never supposed to happen. The way the story goes, the honest mistake of a brand new team member went completely unnoticed until a batch of a planned project was rolled and then put through quality assurance measures. The blend even though the percentage of each tobacco used was confirmed to be accurate was not providing the experience that the Master Blender Papo El Caballo was anticipating. In the end, the percentages were right, but the tobacco was different from what the label said it was. So focused on what this cigar wasn’t, Papo El Caballo hadn’t taken a moment to appreciate what it was. After sharing the situation and the cigar with his colleagues, everyone suddenly came to the realization that this was the happiest accident they could have been presented with.

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