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Fuerte Y Libre Midnight Bender

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Hand made in the Dominican Republic at Tabacalera El Hoyito, these cigars incorporate well-aged Dominican Piloto Cubano in the Ligero, Filler and Binder with an aged Mexican San Andrés wrapper. Working towards our strongest flavor profile yet we knew San Andrés had to be the highlight. We used the same Dominican binder found in our Bushwacker line, but added the extra firepower that comes with a Double Ligero blend. Named after the son of Bodacious, these cigars are definitely Strong and Free.

Medium-Full Body/Full Strength – The dark San Andrés wrapper and double ligero provide a little bite even on the cold draw. At first light, you’ll still be tasting the spice and earth from the wrapper on your tongue while the heavy cool smoke is carrying coffee, earth, leather, and interestingly, some grassy field notes that fill your mouth with a reminder of what San Andres stands for. As you work into the first third the grassy field immediately fades and the heartiness of this blend shows its beauty. These flavors will build as you burn towards the second third to increase the body of the cigar to its full potential. If strong cigars make you sweat, you’ll be feeling it about now. There is a refined power in the background as the final third starts, which shows itself as calm and yet dominant. If you are a bourbon fan lean towards a cask strength or Rye as nothing else can stand up to this full-strength bull.


Fuerte Y Libre


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