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Foundation The Menelik


Robusto- 4 1/2×52
Toro- 6×52

For the first time, Foundation Cigar Company is making its most exclusive cigar, the Menelik, available for sale in a limited production run. Foundation fans will recognize the Menelik from events held in the past couple of years, where this unique cigar was only offered personally by Foundation’s owner Nicholas Melillo. Those who managed to get their hands on one have praised its flavor profile, noting rich tones of cocoa, spice, and earthiness. The Menelik is a soft-box pressed petit robusto that measures 4 1/2 x 52.

The slightly pressed characteristic of this cigar—a quality it also shares with the Wise Man Maduro—lends itself to a more flavorful smoke with a consistent draw. As a finishing touch, it also features a pigtail, or culita, cap.

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